dwv-jqmobile - Privacy Policy

This policy explains what happens to any personal data that you provide the app with or that is collected from you when you use the website.

1. Personal information

No profile information is collected nor stored.

2. Required permissions

Applications that integrate with Chrome or a Google account must declare their intent by requesting permissions. These permissions to your browser and account must be granted in order to integrate with Chrome and Google accounts. Below is a list of these permissions and why they are required. At no time will dwv-jqmobile request or have access to your Google account password.

dwv-jqmobile Google Drive permission requests:

You can revoke these permissions at any time on your Google Account Permissions page, however if you do this, the Chrome app will cease to work.

3. Disclosing your information

dwv-jqmobile does not store data, so it cannot disclose any personnal information to any other party.

4. Scanning Content

dwv-jqmobile does not scan any content.

5. Data collection - advertisements

dwv-jqmobile does not display advertising, therefore no data is collected through it for advertisement targeting. dwv-jqmobile is not part of any referral program and does not display any sponsored links.

6. Monitoring usage

dwv-jqmobile does not use tracking software.

7. Changes

This is version 0.3 of the privacy policy, published on March 28th, 2018.